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Why is more construction necessary to Interstate 10 and Interstate 95 interchange?
The operational improvements are necessary for Your10and95 to cope with the increasing volume of traffic. Currently, approximately 250,000 vehicles use the interchange every day, but that is expected to rise dramatically to approximately 290,000 daily users in 2040. To accommodate that increase an expansion of the lanes are needed now.
When did the FDOT plan for the Fuller Warren Bridge improvements?
Planning began five years ago. On February 10, 2014, on August 28, 2014 and on February 26, 2015, FDOT held public meetings to discuss the proposed improvements and the cost of its construction with residents, community partners and businesses in the zone of influence.
What is the cost of construction for this project?
Cost of construction is $126 million.
Will any bridge improvements be included with the roadway improvements?
Critical joints on the Fuller Warren Bridge will be replaced; the eastbound fender below the newly created Shared Use Path (SUP) will be extended to accommodate the additional new lanes. The overpass from Interstate 95 northbound to Interstate 10 westbound will be widened.
Why is construction necessary for a new Irene and Stockton Street ramp?
Operational improvements to provide Irene and Stockton Street with a dedicated ramp will help reduce weaving once traffic from Interstate 95 southbound merges with Interstate 10 westbound. A dedicated Stockton Street ramp will eliminate weaving for drivers to Stockton Street reducing volume at that merger.
How will area businesses be affected?
The inconvenience of the necessary construction improvements is temporary and FDOT will work to minimize impact on nearby businesses by providing timely updates and critical communications on the construction work being done via website.
How will the Riverside Arts Market be impacted?
The Riverside Arts Market (RAM) will be provided access to their area under the Fuller Warren Bridge each weekend throughout construction. Designated construction staging areas around RAM will be fenced-off to the public.
Will the Riverside John Gorrie Dog Park be affected by any construction?
A portion of the John Gorrie Dog Park under Interstate 95 will be affected during bridge construction. The area will be restored to its original condition once the project is completed (in Summer 2020, weather and holidays permitting).
How will the Riverside Avondale Preservation Society be impacted?
The inconvenience of the necessary construction improvements is temporary, and FDOT will work to minimize impact on Riverside Avondale Preservation Society projects by providing timely updates and critical communications on the construction work being done via website.
Why is the contractor using the American Red Cross parking area south of the Fuller Warren Bridge?
The space is necessary for contractors to access the river to make bridge improvements.
Will there be additional parking for Riverside Arts Market patrons?
A public parking lot was constructed and opened in January 2018 west of Riverside Avenue with access via Peninsula Place.
What will you do to protect our property from any pile driving and drilled shaft vibrations that can be expected during construction?
There will be vibration and settlement monitoring on existing structures within specified distance limits to monitor structural integrity. Pile foundations have also been restricted from the Fuller Warren Bridge.
When can we expect pile driving and drilled shaft activities?
Your10and95 website will provide up-to-date information throughout the construction phase.
Will there be lane shifts and detours?
You can anticipate lane shifts and detours during construction to safely help workers, equipment and the traveling public move within construction zones. For up-to-date information please keep checking our Project Updates and Traffic Impacts page.
Will both sides of the Fuller Warren Bridge be expanding?
No, only the southbound side of the bridge will be widened. Eventually, the current barrier in the middle of the bridge will be moved south to provide the additional northbound lane.
Will there be a pedestrian and bicycle path added to the bridge?
Yes. A Shared Used Path (SUP) will be added to the southbound side of the Fuller Warren Bridge for pedestrians and bicyclists.
How will pedestrians and bicyclists be protected from Interstate traffic?
Pedestrians and bicyclists will be separated from traffic by a 10-foot shoulder and a standard barrier wall that is three-and-a-half feet tall, with an additional 10-foot tall inwardly curved fence.
What are the dimensions of the Shared Use Path (SUP)?
The SUP will be 12-feet wide and will have a four and-a-half foot tall galvanized steel railing along the St. John's River side of the pathway.
What can we expect the Shared Use Path (SUP) to look like once completed?
Special decorative and architectural lighting will be featured along the SUP. There will additionally be three overlooks that jut out from the SUP to provide vantage viewing points.
Where will the on ramp to the Shared Use Path (SUP) be located?
There will be three on ramps for pedestrians and bicyclists wanting to use the SUP. Two will be located on the San Marco side with access from Palm Avenue and Children’s Way. The Riverside access ramp will be located west of Riverside Avenue.
Will the Shared Use Path (SUP) be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible?
Yes. The SUP will be ADA compliant.
Will the Shared Use Path (SUP) be marked for walkers and bicyclists?
In each direction, a directional arrow, pedestrian and bicycle symbols will be provided.
Will there be points along the Shared Use Path (SUP) to stop and take in the view?
Yes. There will be three overlooks that jut out from the SUP to provide vantage viewing points.
Will the improvements make the bridge look different?
The new bridge elements will mirror old bridge elements with special Riverside Arts Market (RAM) aesthetics on the RAM side of the bridge and SUP ramp.
Will there be additional improvements to Stockton and College Streets?
Yes. A Stockton Street monument at Stockton Street and Irene Street will be installed. A College Street monument near the John Gorrie Dog Park in Riverside will be installed.
What's happening along U.S.17 south of Interstate 10?
New sound barriers will be built for the neighborhoods along the east side of U.S.17 north bound from McDuff Avenue to Rosselle Street.
Will there be a sound barrier along the north side of Interstate 10 from McDuff Avenue to King Street?
Yes. That project will be incorporated in the Interstate 10 widening project starting in fall 2019.
Will there be lane closures on U.S.17 during sound barrier construction?
Yes. Lane closures on U.S.17 northbound will not occur between 6 a.m. - 10 a.m. and there will be no lane closures on U.S.17 southbound from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Will there be any Interstate lane closures during the day?
No planned lane closures during the day between 5:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. can be expected.
When does construction begin and when will the project be completed?
Construction began in March 2017, and is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2021. Weather and holidays may affect project completion date.
Will fishing from the Shared Use Path (SUP) be allowed?
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